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Based on our professional expertise, knowledge and experience, Keensell Insurance Agency will assist you to assess and review your insurance needs, shop for the most competitive and valuable insurance coverage and ultimately be your companion in the occurrence of a claim.

Our quote consultation services are conducted in person, online or over the phone as we seek to listen to our customers’ queries and offering the requisite professional advice towards avoiding any misunderstandings or overlooking the relevant insurance details.

Most importantly, we offer you all these services at No Extra Cost.


  • Needs evaluation
  • Premium Assessment
  • Administrative Processing
  • Insurance Policy Advisory
  • Insurance Claims Processing

Visio, Mission & Core Values Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To set the standard of excellence through going beyond norms in serving our clients.

Our Mission

To provide outstanding services that clients recommend to families and friends, underwriters prefer for their customers and employees are proud of.

Core Values

Integrity, Professionalism, Customer orientation, Respect, Honesty and fairness, Innovation & creativity

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